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Hi, my name is Milan and I’m a long time Flight Simulator player and enthusiast.

I’ve put together this website to provide you with tips and insight about playing and enjoying flight simulator games, along with reviews and download links to some of my favourites.

Having played virtually every flight simulator game that there is online, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find a quality flight simulator to truly enjoy.

Not only can they be difficult to find, but some websites charge an arm and a leg for the really “advanced” ones. I made this site so you could easily find reviews on some of my favourites and check them out for yourself.


The articles in this website fall under a few main categories

1. Popular Flight Games

2. Recommended Product

The Flight Simulator information section is where I give tips on all the different ways you can play and enjoy flight simulators.

Currently I have articles about the following:

Each of these pages gives advice on a different aspect of flight simulators and how that feature makes flight simulators fun and unique to play!

Over time, I’ll be adding all kinds of new articles and reviews so make sure to check back regularly.

In the product reviews section, I’ve reviewed a couple of my favourite flight simulator games and even done articles about the programmers who made them!

I’ve spent hours playing both of the flight simulators I review and rate them very highly so check my reviews out to get more details on these great games:

I hope to add more reviews on air plane games online over time.


Most people here are looking for fun and realistic flight simulator games to play.

If that’s why you’re here I strongly recommend that you head straight to proflightsimulator.

Pro Flight Simulator is the #1 selling flight simulator game on the internet and has been for a couple of years now. It has pretty much every feature you would hope to find in a great flight simulator including intense realism and real-time flights.

Once you’re done that, I encourage you to browse my website, bookmark it and visit again to check for updates. Make sure you read all the reviews and tips to get ideas on how you can enjoy playing flight simulator games.

Thanks for Visiting!


9 Responses to “Real Flight Simulators”

  1. Robert S says:


    Great site! Anyone who really loves online flight simulator games will enjoy this. Some background on myself: basically I started playing flight simulators in the early 2000’s and haven’t stopped since. I’m from North Carolina where there is a very strong history in aviation and that made me interested in flying from an early age but my eyesight was never very good so it was not possible for me to ever be a pilot. I gravitated towards flight simulator games instead, especially after games like Virtual PIlot 3D came on and made it possible to play online with another person as your co-pilot – that made things a lot more fun.

    These days I’ve pretty much mastered taking off and landing all kinds of planes, so I mostly do long flights where I just check my PC every couple of hours or so. The rest of the time I’m just cruising – it’s like being a real pilot! Anyways, we should play some online flight simulator a bit later on so let me know if you’d be interested!



  2. Jesse O says:

    Great Site, I love how you used such a clean layout and it’s so easy to find all the information I need on which online flight simulator I should buy and how they are played. I just started playing flight simulators in the last year or so and I’m totally hooked. I started off with simpler plane landing games and other air plane games but eventually found that I wanted to play a more complete and realistic simulation game like pro flight simulator. Since I started with this game, I have barely played anything else.

    I got the controls and everything down pretty quickly since I had so much experience playing similar games, but I’m still having loads of fun. I love squeezing in short flights when I have just an hour or two to spare or starting a long flight overnight and waking up in the morning just to land the plane. Playing online has also helped me meet tons of other flight enthusiasts and even fly with some of them. I hope you can eventually turn this website into somewhere that flight enthusiasts can come and talk to each other and arrange to fly together 🙂

  3. Anne-Marie says:

    Great site…good info…

    I’m thinking of buying Pro Flight Simulator for my son this Christmas but it seems that you can only download it? That means he won’t have anything to unwrap, is there another way to purchase this game?

    • Milan says:

      Hi Anne Maria,

      Great question. This game can be downloaded directly from the website, but they decided that because so many people wanted to get it as a gift for a loved one that they would make a hard copy. Now you can order the 4 DVD set directly from their website which includes the full length version of the game plus some bonus features.

      How it works is you register online then click the link in the members area and put in your shipping information – it’s really easy! I hope that helps you out and you and your son have a very Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. Greg V says:

    Hey Milan,

    I’m a bit skeptical after reading some of your articles. I wanted to try Pro flight simulator or another online flight simulator game but I’m a bit hesitant to start the learning process. I understand that flight sims are usually very realistic, do you think I would have trouble learning how to play the game?

    • Milan says:

      Hi Greg V
      Thanks for checking out the website and showing some interest in the work I’ve done…

      I’d be glad to answer your question. First of all, anyone can learn to fly using online flight simulators. The learning process takes longer for some than for others but it’s a simple step-by-step process and you don’t have to go through it without help. When you get pro flight simulator it comes with a 218 page flight manual that contains everything you need to know to start flying every plane in the game as well as a 108 page flight school that helps you track your progress as you learn to fly….

      Learning in this game won’t take as long as it might in real life, it’s just a matter of understanding how the plane works and what all the controls are for so you can enjoy flying. Remember that it’s a simulator, so it’s designed to be realistic. As you would expect, there are lots of buttons and controls to learn. My best advice is to go at your own pace and have fun with it. Learning online flight simulator games isn’t about working hard to master it quickly, it’s just about having fun while you learn and having more fun once you know. I wish you luck and safe travels 🙂

  5. Ananth Gabriel says:


    I’ve seen tons of these games where you need to buy extra computer hardware in order to play the game properly. Why do people spend so much money on joysticks and special controllers just for one game? Can’t I have just as much fun with just a keyboard and mouse? I’m willing to shell out for what looks like an awesome game but I don’t think I want to buy a joystick that I’m only going to use for one thing.


    • Milan says:

      Hi Gabriel

      Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy the most expensive joystick. I myself enjoyed playing with keyboard and mouse for years before I decided to get my first joystick and during that time I had tons of fun playing online flight simulator games almost everyday. Similar to any hobby, you don’t have to have the most expensive doohickeys or flippety-flops to enjoy yourself, but as you develop a greater appreciation for the game you may decide that having a joystick would enhance the experience just a little bit more. If you’re not sure how, you may not have played enough, and if it never appeals to you then so be it, but most people decide to get one because they want that little extra bit of realism when they play a simulator.

      I love my joystick because the controls are more similar to how a plane actually flies, so I feel that I get a more authentic experience and enjoyment of the game. Also the joystick has the buttons all in a condensed area, so it’s easier to press many things together and to remember what all the controls do. Also, a keyboard has only buttons but some of the more advanced gaming joysticks incorporate dials and levers that add to the realism of playing airplane games.

  6. John Cummings says:

    Hey there,

    Great website! I really love reading all of the information and reviews that you have, especially for pro flight simulator. I started playing this game just recently and found your website very interesting and informative. Your knowledge helped me get started with the most difficult tasks in flight simulator, like landing or taking off in the plane.

    I have played flight simulators for a long time and for sure this is one of the best so keep writing and playing because I’ll keep coming back. I would recommend this game to anyone interested in planes or flight simulator.

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