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Warning: Most airplane games online aren’t what you’re looking for!

By now most serious gamers are bored with playing pointless flash games.

At this point, there are many, many websites that are dedicated just to hosting flash games.

The airplane games that I saw on these websites were low quality, dull and boring to play.

When I started with them, they were sometimes fun or a little tricky at first but soon lost their magic and were either too repetitive or too easy.

I started looking for better, more fun airplane games to play and at first had a lot of trouble. Not a lot of people have put in serious work to make an airplane game that is fun and doesn’t get boring.

Lucky for you, I spent so much time searching so that you wouldn’t have to and found a great air plane game that is loads of fun and super realistic.

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The game I found is called Pro Flight Simulator.

When I first found it I had never really heard of it before, but later on I realized that it was the best selling air plane game online.

I researched it and found some great reviews and testimonials saying how fun it was and some of the features that it had. Based on this I decided to give it a try.

My first time playing and I was hooked…

The first thing I realized was that the download and installation process was very quick and easy. It took only a few clicks and I was already playing.

You can select from a whole fleet of different aircraft from throughout the history of aviation. This includes huge airliners, passenger planes, propeller planes and brand new military fighter jets.

After viewing the different game-play options I chose a plane and started a flight from Paris to New York.

When I got to control the plane, the controls were very realistic. Once I got the hang of them, I could take off and land the plane smoothly with no problem.

Important Flight Tip!

The flights in this game are all in real time! This means if you want to fly across the country it actually takes six hours!

I found out that your options are either to pause your flight and come back when you have time to finish it, or put on autopilot and come back in six hours to land the plane.

That way you choose whether to sit and play for the whole flight or take a break and come back.


 Final Opinion…

Overall I give this game a great rating for how fun it is, I think that if you really like flying planes you have got to check it out:

3 Responses to “Air Plane Games”

  1. Luis says:

    Every boy dreams of becoming a pilot one day and I was one of them too. My friends all wanted to be fighter pilots, but I always had a thing for big commercial jets. I thought it was fascinating how such big and heavy thing could fly through the sky and travel hundreds of miles per hour. Anyways I couldn’t become a real pilot, but I could still play pretend time to time with a decent airplane game lol.

  2. Greg says:

    I bought an air plane flight simulator a couple of days back and it was the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever played in my life. I should have read the reviews but I just bought it without even thinking much and hence the reason I ended up with a crap. What the pro flight simulator has got going for it are the good reviews and if the reviews are correct then I would have finally found the best flight simulator out there. Don’t disappoint me please~

  3. Bonnie says:

    My son really enjoys this game that I bought him for his birthday. We got him Pro Flight Simulator for his birthday after we saw it on here a couple of weeks ago. We thought it was just what he would enjoy because he loves planes and asked for an airplane video game for his birthday. We were very happy with the quality and he loves it, plays it all the time and now wants to be a pilot when he grows up! We are trying our best to support him in doing this. This was a great gift for our son and I would highly recommend it.

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