Dan Freeman

 Who is Dan Freeman?

Dan Freeman is the mastermind behind the best selling Pro Flight Simulator Games.

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to know more about Dan before you invest in his Pro Flight Simulator Game.

Before I purchased Pro Flight Simulator I decided to spend some time looking up Dan Freeman, trying to find out who he was and whether or not he could make a top quality flight simulator.

So I scoured the Internet…

  • One of the first things I realized is that there are tons of articles written on Dan Freeman just for making this game.
  • It turns out loads of people like me were interested in him after playing his game and dug up information about him too.
  • I hunted him down through his LinkedIn profile (you can too!) and found out that Dan Freeman is a huge flight sim enthusiast and has been for many years.
  • He made Pro Flight Simulator as an alternative, publicly available version of the professional level high quality simulators that are used for pilot training.

He even claims on his LinkedIn page that Pro Flight Simulator is a professional quality game that puts other flight simulators to shame.


Dan is a good dude who really likes Flight Simulator Games.

He also thinks of himself as an educator, he wants to make a game that is actually useful in teaching people how to fly a plane.

Dan believes flight simulators should be realistic and he says he was trying to make pro flight simulator as realistic as possible when he made it.

Because he likes simulator games so much, Dan made Pro Flight Simulator to be as realistic as possible because he wanted people who aren’t training to be professional pilots to still have lots of fun flying a plane online.


 More Information on Dan Freeman…

  • I wanted to find out more about Dan Freeman and what he actually knows about airplanes and flying.
  • I found out that as a programmer he worked with airlines and in the military developing flight simulators before he started programming his own about five years ago.
  • He actually used to be in charge of making professional quality flight simulators!!!

 What I did then…

After finding out the scoop on Dan Freeman, I knew this game was going to be for me.

Most people who make shooting games or racing games have never shot a gun or driven a race car, but Dan Freeman has actually programmed flight simulators and flown planes in the military before!!!

After searching up this information I tried to find any dirt on Dan Freeman, anything bad that people have said about him, and his record is TOTALLY clean.

So I went and bought the game after reading all this info and in my opinion it totally matches his descriptions and lives up to all the hype.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy of this great flight simulator and check out some more reviews that can be found around my website here: www.proflightsimulator.com

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