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This page was last updated on Thursday 26th of October 2017
When we started looking for jet simulator games we came to one fast realization:

Most Jet Simulator games are a waste of time and money!

I started by trying to find a jet simulator that was realistic and fun to play.

After hours searching the internet all the games I found were boring, out of date and looked very unprofessional.

 At first I was very discouraged…

I remember playing jet simulator games as a kid and how much fun I had flying.

I remember how real it felt even though it was just a simulator, realism is what made it so fun.

I was so disappointed I couldn’t find a great jet simulator game to satisfy me…

…then I had a major breakthrough!

After all my time spent searching I was ready to give up.

I had spent hours looking through search engine results and found nothing worth playing.

I finally found a jet simulator game that was worth its weight in gold, a game by the name of Pro Flight Simulator.

This game makes the jet flying experience seem almost too real to be true. You can fly Jumbo jets, 747s and hundreds of other aircraft.

 Check Out Some Screenshots Of ProFlightSimulator…

 Why you could be missing out on the best jet simulator experience…

Most Jet simulator games simply don’t offer the same level of quality and game-play that Pro Flight Simulator does.

Other games lagged badly on my computer but Pro Flight Simulator has plenty of lower quality options if your computer isn’t brand new.

A jet simulator is supposed to let you fly real jets through real scenery from the real world. The key word is realism!

With Pro Flight Simulator, Google Maps is used for all the navigation to make the world more realistic. You can fly over the ocean, real cities, even over your own house!

Autopilot mode lets you step away from the computer for a break or to sleep once you are at cruising altitude and your flight is going smoothly.

Even the landings are much more realistic in these good Jet Simulators.

When you land a jet there are key things you have to do properly.

You can’t make sharp turns and you have to have a long approach to the runway.

I was impressed by Pro Flight Simulator because they got these things perfect. You actually land the plane and take off like you are flying a jet.

Don’t get fooled by other games that aren’t worth the time or effort.

Pro Flight Simulator only takes a few minutes to download and you can start playing right away.

Click Here To Visit Pro Flight Simulator Site Today!

I strongly recommend that you give this game a shot. Out of all the jet simulators I played, this one was surely the best.

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  1. Sean says:

    The classic propeller planes have their charms, but there’s no way you can match the fun of flying a jet. Simulator or in real life I bet the jets are a thousand times more fun to pilot. I’ve always been a big fan of the boeings and the F-15, although the f 22 raptor’s growing on me. Oh man this is gonna be so awesome!

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