Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, John Irwin

If you’re looking for information on Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre and John Irwin, the top programmers who created Virtual Pilot 3D, you’ve come to the right place.

Before buying Virtual Pilot 3D I wanted to find out about these programmers, who they were, what their experience was and how they started working together.

Read below to learn what I found out what Duran, Ozil and Aguirre, the makers of Virtual Pilot 3D.

 Articles and Reviews…

I found plenty of articles and reviews talking about Virtual Pilot 3D. Many independent review sites attest to the trustworthiness of this programming trio and give positive reviews to the game.

I also found out that Virtual Pilot 3D has been used to help with government certified pilot training.

Even the government thinks this game is realistic enough to be used in teaching actual pilots how to fly a plane!


These guys have testimonials all over the place talking about how good they are.

Apparently they know a lot about all different kinds of planes and how to fly them.

They also know the programming of the game inside and out and have helped people who had questions about the game or suggestions to improve it.

Mark Duran and Ozil Aguirre now take on a role as educators and try to teach people more about flying, especially teaching children that they can be a pilot.

John Irwin does a lot of work with the game itself, performing regular updates and creating improvements for newer versions.

Overall it seems like these guys are very smart and helpful to their customers.

I was really impressed by the reviews and testimonials I found about these guys.


I was able to dig up an interview with these three programmers that someone got, talking about Virtual Pilot 3D.

They said that they met each other in programming classes at a flight school and all shared an interest in programming.

They also shared a dream of making a very realistic flight simulator.

They decided to combine all the things they loved about flying and make a super-realistic flight simulator.

Five years later the result was Virtual Pilot 3D.

 Final Thoughts…

I was very happy with what I found out about these guys before I bought Virtual Pilot 3D.

The testimonials made me feel confident that they would help me if I just sent them an e-mail after buying their software.

It was good to know that they were really helpful to other people and open to suggestions about how to improve the game or make it more fun to play.

 What I did after…

After finding out about Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre and John Irwin I decided I was ready to go ahead and get my hands on Virtual Flight 3D.

At this point I was dying to play the game because I knew how hard these guys worked on it and how much they loved flying.

I downloaded Virtual Flight 3D and became instantly addicted, it’s definitely one of the best flight simulators I have tried.

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