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If you’re looking for the best online flight simulator games, you’ve finally come to the right place to get the best flight sim available on the internet!

Keep reading below to discover how you can get the complete online flight simulator game you’ve been looking for. In just a few short minutes you’ll be soaring through the virtual skies in whatever plane or helicopter you choose!

I’ll show you where you can download not just one, but TWO of the best flight simulator games ever produced.


I remember as a kid having a brand new flight simulator for Windows 95 where I could fly over the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian mountains. I used to spend hours playing that game.

NOTE:This page was last updated on Saturday 27th of January 2018

I just remembered about it the other week and longed to experience the freedom of beauty of flying without actually going to school to become a pilot.

I was so disappointed when I discovered the number of low budget online flight simulator games that are available on the internet. Some were so expensive and such a waste of time!

I thought I could never get that feeling back that I had when I was a kid, for a while.


After hours of frustration and reminiscing about the game I would never get to play again, I found a website that had a flight simulator that was hands-down the best I had seen. Then I found ANOTHER one that was even BETTER.

 The two websites I found are: (One of the best-selling flight sims on the internet)* (Another top-selling and super realistic flight sim)

fligt simI was so used to finding junk games that when I found these I was so skeptical to try anything different, but one person told me that virtualpilot3d was so realistic you could even fly over your own house!

 Huge Tit # 1

If you are looking for great games and you find something like a flight simulator that is priced very cheap, it is probably not a good game! There are so many of these, so don’t be fooled into buying less than the best!

 Flight Simulator Tip #2

There are tons of cool places to fly to. Today’s best online flight simulator games use google maps to render a 3D world for you to fly in. Just like the real world it is not just about flying from airport to airport, so take some time to enjoy the different views and graphics the games have to offer!

 Want To Learn More?

Hopefully you found the above tidbits of information useful in both selecting which flight simulator to play and getting the best enjoyment out of the one you choose!

My final suggestion is to check out the two websites where these flight simulators can be found to get more details about what features they have. If you love flying like I do, you won’t be disappointed!


* is the number one selling flight simulation software on as of September, 2012.

2 Responses to “Online Flight Simulator Games”

  1. cubbieman says:

    I bought a flight simulator game couple of months back and it was a total disappointment. I’m really hoping one of these two online flight simulator games will impress me, because I upgraded my video card and memory to play the game in full setting. Okay is flight time for me then.

  2. Dan says:

    Come to think of it I haven’t played another flight simulator since my first pc which had Windows 95 operating system as well. That compaq was top of the line at the time but it had like 8gb of hard drive and like 128mb memory lol. For its time though it ran the flight simulator fantastically and I had a blast with it. I’m much older now and I haven’t really played a lot of games lately, but I want to relive that thrill that I felt the first time I piloted a 747.

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