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Pro Flight Simulator is a cutting edge online flight simulator game that is getting hyped all over the internet.

After its release it got tons of feature time on AOL, Yahoo, Google, Gamespot and Metacritic, and received rave reviews as one of the most innovative flight simulators.

Throughout this site you can find reviews and discussion on pro flight simulator and the features that it offers, plus a SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK at many of the loads of features available in the full version.

Now let’s take a list at some of the pros and cons of this game…


  • Software is quick and easy to download. It worked for me in just a few seconds and minutes later I was enjoying Pro Flight Simulator
  • The menus on the website are organized and easy to use, you won’t spend any time looking for whatever you need in the game.
  • I was very impressed by the number of different planes you are able to fly in the game. Many flight games offer only one to five airplanes but Pro Flight Simulator has plenty of fun choices.
  • There are tons of realistic features that make the whole experience very fun. There’s a big focus on realism and how to make the game feel like you’re flying a real plane.
  • Great reviews are all over the internet for this game, people are really having fun with it and they enjoy playing it.
  • Pro Flight Simulator was the NUMBER ONE SELLING Flight simulator game on the internet in the past year.

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While overall this game was really fun to buy and to play, there are some things I think could be improved:

  • Include a bit more information about the different planes that you can fly. It’s good that there are so many but unless you know a lot about planes you may not know which one to choose, so it would be better if a description was there to help you pick.
  •  Add skins for the airplanes so you could personalize your plane or have it painted differently. This isn’t very realistic but it’s a nice touch for games who like things like that.
  • Make a demo available. I couldn’t find an available demo for the game so I never got a chance to try it out before purchasing it. Thankfully it turned out to be a great game but I think most people would want to play a demo first.

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This is a great flight simulator game that is tons of fun and worth checking out.

Check out the official website for Pro Flight Simulator :

P.S – There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best place online to find and play a GREAT Flight Simulator.

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